CNC Routing

High quality plastic CNC Routing service

Computer numerically controlled or `CNC` Routing is for cutting CNC tool paths, to your desired geometrical shape and size, supplied in a STEP or CAD file, using a subtractive machining process.

IPF have a large capacity of the latest high-speed CNC Routing machines, built for larger format industrial machining. Experts in plastic routing, we produce highly accurate quality components,  in a variety of plastics including; Acrylic, Poly-carbonates, Acetal, PTFE, SRBP.

Our dedicated team are on hand for design optimisation of you CAD file, we will help guide you on the most efficient process and material for your plastic components, if your require it.


  • Larger format parts using space efficient routing machines.
  • Cost effective
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Complex geometries
  • High volume production


We provide essential parts for the medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, auto-motive, security, audio and broadcasting equipment industries.