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CNC Turning

Plastic CNC Turning

Plastic CNC turning of components, using the latest lathe technology, to produce high quality plastic turned parts in a wide variety of industrial plastics.

IPFL produce internal and external profiles, whether they are straight, curved or conical, they can be machined to tight tolerances and polished on our CNC lathe from a versatile range of materials including; acrylic, acetal, nylon, HDPE,  PEEK and polypropylene.

CNC Plastic Turned Parts

CNC turning of a wide variety of plastics materials including acrylic, acetal, PEEK, producing high-quality parts, with internal and external profiles, all machined to tight tolerances and polished as required.

As a one-stop-shop for a wide range of machined and fabricated plastic parts, IPFL allies CNC turning with;

  • CNC routing
  • CNC milling,
  • Laser cutting
  • U.V. digital printing


From high volumes of parts to smaller prototype runs, IPFL’s CNC turning produces the highest quality parts. Machining is carried out in a fast and cost effective manner, producing accurate and attractive parts which may be stand alone items or may be incorporated within a plastic fabrication.

Plastic CNC turning accompanied with our traditional CNC routing, Milling, laser cutting and digital printing of plastic sheet makes IPFL a one stop shop for a wide range of plastic parts including; light guides, prisms, sight glasses, custom acrylic cylinders and artwork.


  • Prototypes
  • Small batch runs
  • Lenses and light guides
  • Sight glasses
  • Bespoke components