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BMF Projection Micro Stereolithography (PµSL)

High Precision Micro 3D Printing – Ideal for 3D Printing and Advanced Manufacturing for Electronics

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What is BMF projection micro stereolithography (PµSL) 3D Printing?

Projection Micro Stereolithography (PµSL) is a type of 3D printing technology that uses a UV light projector to cure a liquid photopolymer resin into a solid object. The resin is added to a tray, and the UV light projects the desired shape onto the resin. The light cures the resin and solidifies it, layer by layer. The process continues until the entire object has been built. PµSL is known for producing high-quality parts with a high level of detail and accuracy.

Its application spans microelectronics and medical devices such as delicately bespoke surgical stents or microfluidic channels for labs-on-a-chip devices. It can print at 10µm layers to achieve a surface polish of up to 0.4µm Ra on top surfaces and 1.5µm on sidewalls with a diverse  material range including metals, plastics, and ceramics. Users can tailor the material to their application.


Resin based


MICROSL build volume blue Max. Build Volume: 100 x 100 x 75 mm
MICROSL resolution blue Lowest Resolution: 2 µm
MICROSL layer height blue Layer Height: 5 - 50 µm
MICROSL feature size blue Minimum Feature Size: 0.02 mm
MICROSL tolerances blue Tolerances: ± 0.05 %
MICROSL materials blue Materials: Rigid

Why using BMF projection micro stereolithography (PµSL)?

Ultra-High Resolution - Achieves resolutions up to 10 μm, making it one of the highest precision 3D printing technologies available
Microscale Manufacturing - Tailored for microscale applications, ensures consistent production of small-sized parts.
Diverse Industrial Applications - Ideal for sectors such as electronics, medical devices, microfluidics
Eco-Friendly Materials - Utilizes environmentally conscious resins, aligning with sustainability goals in manufacturing.
Versatile Material Options - Offers metals, plastics, and ceramics for diverse micro 3D printing applications.
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Materials Properties

Temperature Resistance
Temperature Resistance

Our printers

Introducing the BMF microArch® series: two printers that are reshaping the landscape of precision 3D printing. The 10 micron series printer offers unrivaled detail for industrial-grade prototyping, while the 2 micron series sets a new standard for ultra-high resolution in manufacturing the tiniest and most intricate components.


At IPFL, we harness the capabilities of these printers to turn the most complex designs into reality, opening up a world of possibilities for innovation and design excellence.



A durable engineering material that may be used to print working end-of-life parts. It is biocompatible, with low water absorbtion, and may be used for a variety of applications such as electrical casings, medical devices, snap fittings, and functional prototypes.
Transparent Yellow
Temperature Resistant
Technical Information
Micro RG 4

Micro HTL

High-performance material with great stiffness and heat resistance that can tolerate temperatures of up to 114°C. Utilised in load bearing applications, HTL delivers exceptional strength, stiffness, and heat resistance, offering up new choices in tooling, dies, and fixtures for precision components.
Black or Transparent Yellow
Temperature Resistant
Technical Information
Electronics Manufacturers